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Plenty of Osage Beach residents own a boat, which is almost a must-have in the central part of Missouri. Local recreation opportunities abound...

Fiberglass Repair | Paint Rite

While Osage Beach customers know us mostly as a company that can repair damaged boats, we've actually worked diligently to expand...

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At Paint Rite, we provide buff and wax restoration in Osage Beach, MO by an expert team that specializes in restoring your boat's shine...

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Boat Repair Services for Lake of the Ozarks Customers

There are few things more stressful than a boat that is in need of serious repair, from fiberglass repair to boat restoration, Paint Rite was founded specifically to help customers with this need. We understand that damaged boats can be a major concern for customers who are worried about the overall expense of the procedure, the possibility of a boat being fixed at all, and the implications on their warranty or insurance coverage. Our long history of experience in this area has given us the tools we need to repair virtually any vessel, though, with few implications or budgetary concerns for our valued customers

R.V and Motor Coach Repair now available. Doing composot Fiberglass repair. Also get your Buff and Wax restoration quotes before your next R.V and Motor Coach vacation.

Insurance or Warranty Repairs Can Be Completed Here

Many boats are covered by extensive warranties that guarantee the quality and durability of fiberglass materials and the boat's internal workings. Likewise, customers typically enjoy a pretty robust insurance policy on their boats that can help to compensate for many major forms of damage. These repairs must be done within the warranty or insurance company's guidelines, and they must be performed quickly. We understand these requirements and we consistently produce real results for customers that are within the bounds of their boat's warranty and insurance coverage. We have excellent relationships with most companies, and we won't let their guidelines get in the way of a great repair.