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About Us | Paint Rite : Camdenton, MO

Paint Rite is a boat and fiberglass repair company located in Camdenton, Missouri. Since we first opened our doors to customers in the area, we've been committed to fast, efficient, and professional repairs that can restore even the most damaged boat to working condition in a very short amount of time. Since first opening our doors, we have managed to grow our team and expand our services to include seasonal shrink-wrapping, the repair of fiberglass materials, and even boat transit options for customers.

Great Relationships with Warranty and Insurance Providers

At Paint Rite, we're proud to maintain excellent relationships with many companies that provide boat warranty coverage and insurance policies to customers. This helps us execute repairs that lie within company guidelines and produce real results for customers at a significantly reduced cost. It's something that our competitors in the area often do not offer to their customers, and it makes us the smart choice for those who believe a warranty is insured or protected by company guarantees.

Seasonal Services for Boat Owners

Owning a boat is a year-round obligation, even if it only gets to be used during the spring, summer, and fall. We understand that many customers simply don't have the storage space to keep their boat safe from the winter elements, and that's why we offer a large number of seasonal services and protections. Seasonal storage is available at Paint Rite, as is seasonal shrink-wrapping that can further protect the boat from damage. We offer polyurethane coating as well, sealing and protecting a boat at the end of a fantastic season.