Buff and Wax Restoration

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Buff and Wax Restoration

At Paint Rite, we provide buff and wax restoration in Osage Beach, MO by an expert team that specializes in restoring your boat's shine!

The outer surface of your fiberglass boat is normally a special resin called gelcoat. Time and exposure can erode the surface, leaving it dull and chalky, that's where we come in! We can buff and restore the gloss on your dull gelcoat to leave it looking shiny and new.

It can take a lot of work to restore the look of your boat if you do not have the proper tools and equipment. By hiring our team, we can save you a lot of time restoring the gelcoat shine which will also enhance the value of your boat and make it last longer.

First we will start with compounding or buffing to bring back the original color and get rid of the faded look. The next step will be finishing, we will use a finishing material boat polish to give your boat a glossy and bright finish. Lastly, we will protect your new finish by applying wax. Once completed, our amazing team will make sure you are completely satisfied with the restoration.

There are few companies as committed to customer service and support as Paint Rite, and our buff and wax restoration option is proof of that. We pride ourselves in being able to handle every part of the restoration's transaction, from pickup and delivery to estimates, budget-friendly repairs, and interactions with insurance companies or warranty providers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with every part of a needed restoration.

Paint Rite's complete exterior restorations

Buff & wax: boat pulled off trailer, acid washed & buffed & waxex back to new. Boats interiors bagged with plastic for buffing & waxing of sides & top.
$45.00 per ft

Refinishing: Same process as above on bottoms & tops. Sides below rub rail are refinished with a polyurethane, this is a tough Finnish I guarantee this for life to never fade. Customers agree their boats look better thin new.
$140.00 per ft

Bottom jobs: Sand blasted primed if needed. 3 coats of Interlux bottom coat.
70.00 per ft

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